LEI Monitoring Tool

Web-based check of your customer base’s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) status

We know that financial institutions and capital and asset management companies are responsible for managing several hundreds or thousands of LEIs. Managing your entire client portfolio and, in particular, ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations (including EMIR, MIFIR, especially MIFID II) and that your clients’ LEIs always have valid ISSUED status ties up additional resources and capacities that are very costly and time-consuming.

In addition to our transparency-creating (Comply Service) and effort-reducing LEI services (LEI Renewal and LEI Register Service), which are specifically tailored to the needs of companies in the finance and asset management sector, our LEI Monitoring Tool empowers you to monitor the LEIs of your entire customer base in an automated and consolidated way regardless of the selected issuing agency. This gives you a transparent and simple overview of your clients’ ability to act and enables you to comply with your reporting obligation at no additional effort. In case that the LEI no longer has a valid ISSUED status, you will be informed right away. You can also easily avoid this by transferring the LEIs that are currently managed by another issuing agency to us. The transfer is free of charge and you also benefit from our Auto Renewal Service (more information under LEI Transfer).

The advantages of using our LEI Monitoring Tool:

  • Fully automated monitoring and tracking in real time
  • Consolidated overview of your customer base, regardless of the issuing agency
  • Optional connection to your (banking) system
  • Parallel access by several users at once
  • Export and import in the common file formats (e.g. XLSX, CSV)
  • Optimise your risk management
  • Minimise process costs