LEI Comply Service

We create transparency on regulatory requirements for financial institutions and their clients and ensure they are fully and compliantly ready to act on the financial markets.

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and its associated regulations are not always known or are very untransparent both for end customers (non-financial counterparties like companies, associations, foundations) and for you as a financial institution or bank (financial counterparty). In particular, the administrative processes associated with LEIs (application, validation and renewal) are very costly and time-consuming for both parties.

A missing or invalid LEI creates unnecessary delays for you and your business clients, especially in the process of opening a securities account and in turn to the financial transactions planned. Your clients are usually left to sweat it out on their own when applying for an LEI. First, an issuing agency has to be found, then they have to get to grips with the issuing process and, in the course of the application process, the client has to provide a large amount of company data and proof of existence to the issuing agency.

Imagine that - as a financial institution - you can side-step these potential business blockers without any additional effort whatsoever and ensure for yourself and your clients that they are immediately, fully and compliantly able to act on the international financial markets.

With our support, you ensure transparency and certainty for your business clients when it comes to LEIs and the associated regulatory requirements. In the long term, you minimise information discrepancies, preventing unnecessary delays to business processes with clients who don’t have an LEI yet or whose LEI is invalid by using our additional services (e.g. Auto Renewal Service).

Optimise your clients’ ability to act with our free Comply Service and comply with your legal reporting obligation at the same time. We support you in communicating the regulatory requirements relating to the LEI requirement in a comprehensible way that is tailored to the needs of your clients and keep you up to date on upcoming regulatory changes.

  • Collaborative, proactive and tailored way to approach the client
  • Harness LEIReg’s expertise as a competent contact in case of forthcoming new regulations
  • Avoid your clients seeing you as an extension of the regulator
  • Ensure your clients’ ability to act, optimising their risk management and economic success
  • Increase customer satisfaction thanks to faster processes and less admin