LEI Renewal

Unrestricted ability to act thanks to our Auto Renewal Service

Sound familiar?

Annual revalidation and renewal of your Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is costly and time-consuming so often ends up forgotten. Your LEI’s status changes to the invalid status LAPSED, your ability to act on the financial markets is restricted and you face financial and legal consequences.

We know that LEI management and in particular annual renewal takes up huge amounts of resources, as you have to provide your issuing agency with up-to-date company data and additional official up-to-date register excerpts on an annual basis.

With our Auto Renewal Service, you can save yourself this considerable amount of time and always be fully able to act without any intervention required on your part!

We independently take care of obtaining the company data and official documents required for revalidation, such as the current register excerpt required to validate your data, so that you can use the resources you save elsewhere.

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The advantages of using our LEI Auto Renewal Service:

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Sie möchten mehrere LEIs beantragen bzw. zu uns transferieren?

Auch hierfür bieten wir Ihnen eine auf Sie zugeschnittene Lösung an, die ressourcensparend ist und Ihre internen Prozesse optimiert.

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