Easy LEI

Offer your clients the chance to apply for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in minutes

Sound familiar?

In times of deposit fees and negative interest rates, capital market trading is becoming increasingly important. For your corporate clients especially, you recommend shifting liquidity to the capital market. But to participate in the capital market you need a valid LEI.

Often, your business clients only find out that they are required to have an LEI during their consultation with you as their bank, financial consultant or investment advisor. A missing or invalid LEI creates unnecessary delays, especially during the process of opening a securities account, and in turn to the financial transactions planned. Incomplete LEI reports to the trade repository can also entail negative consequences for you as a financial institution.

Corporate clients are often left to sweat it out alone when it comes to applying for and managing LEIs. First an issuing agency has to be found, then they have to get to grips with the issuing process and, in the course of the application process, the client has to provide a large amount of company data and proof of existence to the issuing agency. This gives rise to the risk of the securities account potentially not being opened right away, resulting in a bad customer experience as the client will then not be able to act immediately.

Avoid potential business blockers for yourself and your clients with our EASY LEI Service!

Simplify and accelerate the LEI application process and the associated administrative processes (annual renewal and revalidation) for you and your clients by using our EASY LEI Service. Making this service part of your client onboarding ensures that you and your business clients are able to act immediately, fully and compliantly on the international financial markets, as you can initiate the LEI application right away and on behalf of your clients when opening a securities account. What’s more, in the event of an invalid LEI, in your capacity as an advisor you can initiate revalidation directly. You and your client also benefit from our Auto Renewal Service, ensuring that as a bank you can always report a valid LEI to the relevant trade repositories and that your clients do not experience any unnecessary delays in planned financial transactions. In addition to our effort-reducing LEI management services (application, renewal and revalidation), which are specially tailored to the needs of companies in the finance and asset management sector, we also ensure greater transparency for you and your clients on the complex issue of LEIs and the associated requirements.

The advantages of Easy LEI for you and your clients:

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