No additional effort for you thanks to our integrated LEI register service

What is and what does the register service include?

We are aware that obtaining an up-to-date register extract represents a monetary expense and create high time costs for you. We are connected to numerous national commercial and company registers and our register service ensures that we obtain independently the register extract for you in the course of new applications and upcoming annual renewals.

We thus ensure that your data is automatically adjusted and, if necessary, updated by us, so that you can continue to trade and act without worries and restrictions!

For further information on our service, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

Why and how does the data reconciliation take place?

When applying for an LEI for the first time and also in the course of the renewal process on an annual basis, the company related data has to be validated to ensure that they are correct and up to date.

A current and official excerpt of the company register is mandatory for the data reconciliation. If no data validation or renewal takes place, the LEI status will switch to a lapsed status and the LEI data may no longer be up-to-date.

Please note that financial transactions with a non-validated or non-renewed LEI may no longer be possible!