From 02/12/2014: LEI required for derivative transactions

02/03/2014: Pursuant to Art. 9 of the EMIR regulation, companies are obligated to report the conclusion of all new derivative contracts, or the amendment or premature termination of existing derivative contracts, to a transaction register. This provision shall enter into force on 12 February 2014.

Submitted reports must quote a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for identification of the business participants (natural persons excepted). A LEI may be requested already now, as a provisional code in the CEIReg. This so-called Pre-LEI shall be used in EMIR Art. 9 reports until such time as the global LEI allocation system enters into force. Pre-LEIs will thereafter be converted to a final LEI, the number remaining unchanged.

For further information, please visit the BaFin website at Reporting obligation for derivatives.