Renewal of LEI


You will basically benefit from our auto-renewal service. We will automatically initiate the renewal procedure on your behalf 60 days prior to expiry to ensure that your LEI remains continuously valid. We will, of course, contact you by email to inform that the auto-renewal service has been initiated.
We will process your renewal application as rapidly as possible; this will not be influenced by when you submit your payment.
If you have decided not to take advantage of our auto-renewal service, you can yourself undertake the renewal procedure as and when necessary.

  1. Log in to leireg.de using your access data.
  2. Go to “My data” and then “LEI/data management”.
  3. Start the “Renewal” process by clicking on the plus symbol in the “Actions” column.
  4. Now simply follow the instructions to renew your LEI.

Renewal applications
Please note that the renewal option will only be active eight weeks prior to the expiry of your LEI. We will inform you of this in good time by email.
As a rule, your LEI can be very rapidly renewed. However, if you change your LEI service provider, the related transfer may take several days.