Application for LEI number



An LEI can be obtained from a Local Operating Unit (LOU) or from an LEI registration agent such as the LEIReg.
After you have successfully registered, you can begin the LEI application.
How do I register?

Click on “Apply for new LEI” on the home page of the LEIReg website or using the “LEI Services” option, you can apply for an LEI for a company or organisation, an investment fund or a subsidiary.
Following submission of your LEI application, the information you have entered will be verified using the documentation you may be required to supply.
What documentation may I need to make available for my LEI application?

The current status of processing of your application can be viewed at any time by clicking on “My data” under “Order management”.
Following verification of your information, your LEI will be issued. You will be able to view and manage this by clicking on “My data” under “LEIs/data management”
You can find more information on the registration and LEI application processes in our checklist on issuing of your LEI.


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