Application for LEI number



You can apply for an LEI number from a Local Operating Unit or an LEI registration body such as LEIReg.
LEI applications can be submitted after successful registration.
How do I register?

You can apply for an LEI for a company or institution, investment fund or branch by selecting "Apply for a new LEI" on the LEIReg home page or through the "LEI Services" section. Upon receipt of your LEI application, the data you have provided will be verified against any documents that may need to be submitted.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for an LEI?

The current status of your order can be viewed at any time under "MY DATA" in the "Order Management" section.

After successful verification, the LEI is assigned and can then be viewed and managed under "MY DATA" in the "LEIs/Data Management" area.

For more information on registration and LEI application, please refer to our checklist for obtaining your LEI.


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