Corporate group structures will in future also be represented in the global LEI system

12/21/2016: As from Spring 2017 the LEI database will, on instruction of the LEI-ROC and the GLEIF, be gradually expanded to include information on corporate relationships between the various LEI agents. This means that the answers to both the questions of “Who is who in the financial market” and “Who belongs to whom” will be available in the global LEI system.

A global pilot phase of several months in which the Bundesanzeiger Verlag with its LEI registry, the LEIReg, and also four other LEI issuing bodies (from the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Italy) participated, preceded the introduction. The methodology and infrastructures were developed during this pilot phase in order to collect, validate and finally integrate the relevant data in the LEI database.

Expectations are that complementation of the existing LEI database with information on corporate group structures will be completed by 2018 at the latest. The workflows generated during the pilot phase will moreover be developed (further) to also allow all the other LEI issuing bodies to collect company interrelationships when issuing LEIs.

The new detail included with the corporate information when LEIs are issued will bring the Global LEI System one step closer to its objective of creating more transparency in the financial markets and thus increase the certainty for all involved legal entities.