Legal Entity Identifier Register - LEI


LEI for registered merchants

12/14/2015: Transacting individuals (so-called registered merchants) may apply for their LEI, fast, conveniently and safely via the “CEIReg” – The Bundesanzeiger Verlag issuing body for LEIs. Use this to follow other registered merchants who have already secured their LEI via CEIReg. To enable us to activate your LEI application you should first register, free of charge, furnishing information on your entry in the Commercial Register, etc. We need this to allow us to issue your LEI.

Please contact our Support service at 0800 / 1 23 43 35 should you have any questions.

Why you will need a LEI if you are an insurance company or a pension fund

12/14/2015: Companies and groups supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) will be facing some changes in respect of mandatory reporting to the supervisory authority after the new supervisory regime pursuant to Solvency II launches on January 1, 2016. This will also apply to the use of the LEI regarding the reporting of companies and groups within the scope of the Solvency II guideline but also to the remaining companies, albeit to a lesser extent.

The BaFin for this reason published the Information Sheet on reporting for direct and reinsurance companies, insurance groups and pension funds (PDF 251 kB) for companies under its supervision. The source document is currently available in German only.

Specific information on reporting pursuant to Solvency II is given in Chapter 3. The LEI is defined as the identification number in Chapter 3.7.2 of the information on regular quantitative reporting to the supervisory authority. The ordinance on reporting requirements will prescribe the use of the LEI for the abovementioned purposes.

Should you still be without a LEI, you may apply for this via CEIReg - safely, conveniently and fast.

View on LEI potentials

02/09/2015: In the European Payments Council’s Newsletter of January 2015 Gerard Hartsink, Chairman of the GLEIF Board, expresses his view on the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and its potential to enhance risk management and increase operational efficiency and consumer protection.

Please read the complete article on the Payments Council’s Website – EPC Newsletter Issue 25 - January 2015.

LEI obligation for certain credit institutions and financial holding companies

01/21/2015: Pursuant to a decision of the European Central Bank, CRR credit institutions, financial holding companies, and mixed financial holding companies (provided they meet the conditions set forth in Art. 2, no. 21, letter b of Regulation (EU) No. 468/2014) are required to have an LEI and notify the Bundesbank of it. This is contained in a current circular of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

For more information, please visit the BaFin website at Rundschreiben 1/2015 (BA) - Erwerb eines Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) und Mitteilung an die Deutsche Bundesbank
The source document is currently available in German only.