Renewal of LEI


With our Auto Renewal Service we offer the convenience of an automatic renewal of your LEI so that you always have a valid LEI.

We will automatically initiate such a request 60 days prior to expiry to ensure that your LEI continuously remains valid. We will of course also inform you about this Auto Renewal service via e-mail.

We will process your LEI renewal request as quickly as possible, irrespective of receipt of payment.

If you have decided against our Auto-Renewal service, you are free to process the renewal independently.

  1. Log in on leireg.de, using your access data
  2. Navigate to “My data” and continue to LEIs/Data administration
  3. Activate the “Renewal” function via the plus symbol in the “Action” column
  4. Follow the steps as indicated and renew your LEI

Request renewal

Please note that the renewal function will only be available eight weeks prior to expiry of your LEI. We will inform you about this in due time by e-mail.